The Tragic Life of Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker is by far my favorite Star Wars Character. I think Haden Christensen did a fantastic job playing him, except for like a few incredibly cringe scenes in Attack of the Clones that we don’t talk about (even though it’s more the writers’ fault than his because they made Anakin super winey and childish).Continue reading “The Tragic Life of Darth Vader”

Star Wars Sequels (Disney/ J.J. Abrams Trilogy) Review

WARNING: There are A TON of major spoilers in this so continue at your own risk. This is for individuals who have already watched the movies, because I have a lot of opinions I need to get off my chest lol. In spirit of full transparency, this is basically an organized rant… This “review” isContinue reading “Star Wars Sequels (Disney/ J.J. Abrams Trilogy) Review”

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