Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Review

This review is going to be a bit on the shorter side because Dragon Maid is only 13 episodes long. However, it’s 13 episodes of pure gold.

Right off the bat I gotta say, this is probably the most wholesome show I’ve ever watched. Everything about this anime is cute as heck. There are some lewd moments here and there, but they’re pretty mild and overall the show is very family friendly and the characters are incredibly endearing.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a “slice of life” anime revolving around a young woman and two dragons from another world that she has taken in. The dragons’ names are Tohru and Kanna. The three of them, who were previously alone, form a little family that is so cute and wholesome it physically hurts. In 13 episodes and an OVA, we watch the trio strengthen their bonds as Tohru and Kanna learn more about the human world.

I absolutely love Kobayashi and Tohru’s dynamic. Tohru would do anything for Kobayashi, and even though she does not show it much, Kobayashi feels the same way. The season finale and end of the Valentine’s OVA really showed just how much they care for each other.

(This paragraph is more for individuals who have watched the show and understand Kobayashi and Tohru’s dynamic). As of right now, Kobayashi’s relationship with Tohru is not romantic. That being said, Tohru is absolutely head over heels for Kobayashi, and Kobayashi did admit she has some feelings for Tohru in the manga. Maybe it’ll end up romantic down the line, and I definitely would not mind that. They are really cute together, and there is not much LGBTQ+ representation in anime. Also, I don’t care if one is human and the other is a dragon. It’s an anime. Sue me.

Kanna is frickin adorable. She’s probably one of the cutest characters in all of anime. Her personality is a perfect fit for this show. As one of the main characters, Dragon Maid would not be the same without her. I think my favorite thing about Kanna is that even though she’s a literal dragon, she sees Kobayashi as her mom. It’s so goddamn wholesome.

About half way through the show, Fafnir and Takiya become friends. Fafnir is a grumpy, antisocial dragon, and Takiya is Kobayashi’s nerdy human friend from work. I think Fafnir and Takiya’s friendship is both really funny and super wholesome at the same time. The gamer bromance is real, which is hilarious because Fafnir strongly dislikes humans but truly enjoys Takiya’s company.

I have literally zero complaints about this show other than it’s pretty short. However, we have an OVA and season two has been confirmed for 2021, so it’s all good. I could honestly watch this show everyday, so I can’t wait for more.

I really really enjoyed Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s a great anime. I liked it a whole lot more than I originally thought I would, and I will 100% be rewatching it a few times. Even if you are a seasoned weeb or have just started delving into the world of anime, I can’t recommend this show enough.

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