Spider-man: Far From Home Trailer Analysis & Predictions

Okay, it’s post-Endgame, and our lord and savior, Kevin Feige, has finally blessed us with a good and proper Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Let’s not bother with a synopsis, because if you’re reading this, you’ve certainly seen the trailer, so to do so would be a waste of BOTH of our time.

Lets talk Mysterio.

That is possibly the hottest costume I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to sprint to Pet Smart and slap a goddamn fishbowl on MY head, so that I may possess a fraction of the raw swagger coming of Jake Gyllenhaal’s stunt double. Between this, Vulture, and the half-a-dozen Spider-Man suits already in the MCU, it is plenty clear the banger-train has no plans on slowing down.

Costumes aside, there seems to be some confusion over Mysterio’s motives. Let’s clear that up–he is 100% the BAD guy. We get an idea of his con job in the trailer; he seems to have SHIELD believing he is from an alternate reality, and is here to save them from the “Elementals”. If Marvel and Sony are sticking at all to the source material, this is all bullshit, and Mr. Quentin Beck is using some combination of special effects wizardry, and hired, super-villain help (more on that later) to make him look the hero. He even has several lines that take on multiple meanings if you assume he is trying to look the hero, and dissuade Spider-Man from interfering. Though the mention of alternate realities is interesting, as we know them to exist in the MCU, and within the context of Spider-Man, perhaps the writers are leaving room for some live-action Spider-verse shenanigans in the future.

Now about those Elementals…

I would bet every Spider-Man comic in my collection that these three are none other than recurring Spider-Man villains: Hydro Man, Molten Man, and Sand Man. In the first trailer, we were given a glimpse at each of the three, along with Easter-eggs in the background on boats and license plates pertaining to their respective first appearances. Just trust me, I don’t feel inclined to fetch screenshots. Now, this could be some of Marvel’s now-classic trailer tampering to lead theorists in the wrong direction, but I don’t believe that Mysterio is conjuring these three out of thin air, or using some advanced robotics–they are the real deal.

Finally, lets address the timeline of suits in this movie. It appears that Spider-Man will wear four suits over the course of the film, beginning with the Iron-Spider suit (unsurprisingly, as the film is supposed to take up mere moments after Endgame). This is followed by the Stark suit from Civil War and Homecoming, seen is some shots of Peter swinging around New York, and packing for his trip abroad. In Europe he will acquire the Stealth suit from SHIELD (likely because having Spider-Man visit Europe at the same time as Peter’s school trip would have his classmates drawing all sorts of conclusions…), and by the end of the movie he will receive his black-and-red, Kirbyesque suit. My money is on Happy Hogan giving the suit to him, and them having some touching moment along the lines of “Tony made this for you yada, yada, yada…” (I’m kidding, RIP Tony Stark).

That leaves just a few extra tidbits. It would seem that MJ puts Spider-Man’s secret identity together, following the trend set by Aunt May at the end of Homecoming. There are several lines by Mysterio that could have multiple meanings given the context of him trying to look the hero and hog the glory. Flash gets smacked in the nuts. Oh yea, and there seems to be a big focus on Tony’s sacrifice, and Peter having to step up, and officially graduate from being a “friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man”. All in all, this is looking to be a great Spider-Man film, on par or greater than Homecoming, that will serve as a fitting bookend to the Infinity Saga.

Oh, and Avengers Tower is being renovated into the Baxter Building, NOT Oscorp Tower. Don’t @ me.

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