Detective Pikachu Review

I should start out by saying, I am not the biggest Pokemon fan. I collected a ton of the cards through elementary school, but the anime was a bit too childish for me, and I only ever got through about half of Pokemon Black. I’m also too indifferent to put the accent on the ‘e’ in Pokemon, but feel free to hold that against me.

Alright, has anyone watched Scooby-doo? Most of you? Perfect–within five minutes you’ll have cracked one of the twists, or, at the very least, the real bad guy. It is not a deep story, but it wasn’t meant to be. It is very much a children’s movie, with a few bits I’ll touch on later thrown in for the adults. The reporter girl (I can’t for the life of me remember her name) sounds like she was ripped from a Saturday morning serial–every reporter cliche you could think of spews out of her mouth. This, in itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but every other character talks normally! (for the most part–PG movie, and all that)

Now, the part that was clearly meant for adults was Ryan Reynolds’s Pikachu. He is very Deadpool-esque: quipping and wisecracking throughout the film. In fact, he is played so differently from many of the side and supporting characters, that you couldn’t be faulted for thinking he was from another movie entirely. Perhaps the film was initially meant to be PG-13…

Now, the draw of a live-action Pokemon movie has be the Pokemon, and several uncanny-valley moments aside, they were pulled off very well. Some of the background Pokemon could have used a bit more of the CG budget, but the main ones are exceptional. I’ve heard other people were initially struck by Pokemon having fur, as many of the classic, 2D designs didn’t explicitly portray it, but I must have been on the other end of the spectrum, because it was the Pokemon that lacked fur, feathers, or scales that creeped me out. Seeing fleshy skin on things that obviously weren’t real, and still had the exaggerated, anime-style to them, was kind of freaky, and took me a while to get used to.

I won’t rate anything out of 10, because that system is flawed, but if you’re looking for a nostalgia trip, or a decent children’s flick, Detective Pikachu is perfectly harmless.

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