Alita: Battle Angel Review

Going into this movie, I didn’t have very high hopes (mainly because it’s a live action manga adaptation, which are rarely any good). The trailers I had watched looked kinda weird, and the premise didn’t seem that interesting to me. But my god, that was maybe the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen A LOT of movies.

Every aspect of it was amazing. The world they created is both incredibly beautiful and quite dark and ugly. Iron City filled with a whole array of people from different backgrounds, as well as the way advanced technology has ingrained itself into society is really cool. Another thing that I really enjoyed was the action. While Alita was small in size, when she hit something you felt like it could stop a truck. What impressed me the most was the emotional connections built between characters; credit to the cast and writers, especially the lead Rosa Salazar, who did a particularly stellar job. Overall it’s just a genuinely great movie.

The only near-criticism I can make is that throughout the entire movie the main villain, Nova, is almost completely shrouded in mystery, not seen in person until the final moments of the film. Usually I’m not a fan of sequel-bait because I think it’s cheesy, but I do genuinely want to see another film in this series, so I’ll let it slide.

Even if you aren’t into sci-fi and action, this is a movie you should probably if you had not watched it theaters. It gets the highest rating I can possibly give it.

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